Department Function

Town and Country PlanningDepartment ofPenang (DTCP) has been established inmajor1921.The department responsible toensurethe planning,developmentanduse ofproper land conservationin the country.

Town and Country PlanningDepartmentis underthe concurrent list (concurrentlist)in the constitution anditis under theMinistry of Housing and Local Governmentand theDepartment ofTown and Country Planningin the Serving to PenangState Secretaryof Penang.Asofficersof the Town andCountryPlanning, Peninsular Malaysia (DTCPSM)has controling the technical aspectsofplanning policies.

At the state level,DTCPfunctions as an advisorto the State Governmentand Local AuthoritiesofCity Planning, developmentandland use.DTCPstates alsomonitor and control thedevelopment andact asthe StatePlanning Secretariat.

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