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Privacy And Security Policy


1. Your Privacy
This page explains our privacy policy which includes the use and protection of information submitted by visitors. If you make a transactionor send an e-mail containing personal information,this informationmay be shared together with other public agencies to help provide services more efficient and effective manner.For example in there solving a complaint that requires feedback from other agencies.

2.Information Collected
No personal informationis gathered during the browsing of this website except for information given by you viae-mail.

3.What Happens When I Linkto the Site Other web?
This website contains links to other websites.This privacy policy only applicable to this site only.It should be noted that the website found in the links may have different privacy policies and we highly recommend that you read and understand privacy policies of each site.

4.Changes to this Policy
If this privacy policy,it will be updated on this page.Regularly reviewing this page ensures you are updated on theinformation collected,how it is used and under what circumstances,how information is shared with other parties.


1.Data Protection Leading technologies including encryption software is used to protect data and compliance strict security standards are maintained to prevent unauthorized access.

2.Storage Security
All electronic storage and transmission of personal data will be protected
and stored with appropriate security technologies.

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